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A New Chapter Begins….

Posted by in Social Media

I am taking my talents to South Broad. I’m happy to announce that I will be joining the fantastic branding agency, 160over90 to help build their Social Media team and presence. After working with several entities (companies, brands, people) both full-time and as a consultant since 2009, I’m excited to turn the page and begin a new   …Continue Reading

Working with Passion

Posted by in Business

I love passionate people. Passion is best defined as a strong and uncontrollable emotion. What I see passion as is, someone who loves what they do and shows it. I guess that’s the strong and uncontrollable emotion, right? It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re passionate about it. Many people fake passion by   …Continue Reading

Instagram & Social TV

Posted by in Social Media

Since Instagram hit 200M active users we’ve seen articles such as: Does Instagram Passing Twitter in Mobile Increase Social TV Competition?pulse.me/s/YHOOq This is just mind blowing to me. Why do people still believe the TV is the first screen? Let’s think for a second about how many users there are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram,   …Continue Reading

Socializing WITH People, Not AT Them!

Posted by in Social Media

This has little to do with social media and more to do with social behavior. Coincidentally, the social behavior of many translate into their social media presence. Often times I have been guilty of going on rants. Why? I’m not quite sure, but it’s probably because I smell a lot of bullshit. If we are   …Continue Reading

A Year In Review: Caleb Mezzy, LLC.

Posted by in Business, Social Media

One year ago today, I took a leap of faith and ventured off on my “own”. As I made my big announcement, the tad nervous feeling became a year of nerves. A year of highs and lows and a year of experiencing what everyone who has ever “freelanced” or started their own company told me   …Continue Reading

WiFi in Sports Stadiums Must Happen Now!

Posted by in Social Media, Sports

It’s 2014 and there should be WiFi in every stadium and arena that hosts a professional sports team. The reasons are plentiful and I’ll name a few, but tweets like the one below bring up an “issue” that is definitely going through the minds of those working in sports, especially in stadium operations and the   …Continue Reading

Super Bowl 48 hosts 44 Hashtags in Commercials

Posted by in Social Media, Sports

According to ExactTarget, this year’s Super Bowl had 44 hashtags in their commercials. That’s up from 27 in 2013 and 7 in 2012 where I wrote a post about the little usage in 2012. It’s clear that #EsuranceSave30 has been the most successful hashtag, but were there any others that stood out to you? Below   …Continue Reading

Six STEPPS to a Sports Social Media Strategy

Posted by in Social Media, Sports

Jonah Berger wrote the book titled Contagious: Why Things Catch On and after reading it in 2013, I have to say it resonates with me daily. Yes, the concepts applied by Berger in his book relate to mostly any marketing strategy, but I want to outline a key cog in Berger’s approach and relate it   …Continue Reading

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