Self Inventory

It’s the end of another year, as mentioned before, I have always been one to take inventory of myself. I continued this and feel strongly that there is a need to evaluate yourself. Evaluate daily, weekly, yearly. There are many […]

Father’s Day

It’s been a while. I haven’t wrote a new entry for over a year and I was beginning to wonder when I’d get started again. I felt like Father’s Day was an appropriate time. Before you jump to conclusions — […]

A New Chapter Begins….

I am taking my talents to South Broad. I’m happy to announce that I will be joining the fantastic branding agency, 160over90 to help build their Social Media team and presence. After working with several entities (companies, brands, people) both full-time and […]

Johnny Phan Photo

Working with Passion

I love passionate people. Passion is best defined as a strong and uncontrollable emotion. What I see passion as is, someone who loves what they do and shows it. I guess that’s the strong and uncontrollable emotion, right? It doesn’t matter […]

Instagram & Social TV

Since Instagram hit 200M active users we’ve seen articles such as: Does Instagram Passing Twitter in Mobile Increase Social TV Competition? This is just mind blowing to me. Why do people still believe the TV is the first screen? Let’s […]